Worried About Riots or Looting? Here’s Some Peace of Mind.

Worried About Riots or Looting? Here’s Some Peace of Mind.

In recent months, our nation has experienced waves of protests, demonstrations and riots to express the civil unrest surrounding the deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. While protesters are exercising their First Amendment right to peaceful protest and speech, rioters have, in some cases, caused damage to buildings and businesses. Peaceful protests are typically well organized; however, riots are nearly impossible to predict and can be destructive to passersby, storefronts and businesses in close proximity. If your business is in a city or an area experiencing civil unrest, it may be worth considering outsourcing your security. Officers onsite are highly trained to diffuse a potentially dangerous situation before any damage can occur. 

In May, a heroic security officer in Seattle, stepped up and disarmed a pair of rioters who stole loaded weapons from a smashed police car. Feeling that the public was in danger, the officer controlled the scene while police were called and the rioters were taken into custody. This is just one example of how a security officer can diffuse a situation in a manner that is professional and safe, while being conscious of the surrounding citizens’ best interest. If you feel that your business or staff are at risk, a security officer may be able to help you take action to protect your valued employees, products and customers. 

Security officers can protect your business in a climate of civil rest by performing these four actions:

Preserving order The goal of a security officer in the event of a riot or potentially dangerous activity is to preserve ordernot to ‘fix’ things. A professionally-trained security officer has the preparation, resources and knowledge necessary to diffuse a situation until police can arrive on the scene.

Deterring violence The mere presence of a security officer at a storefront or business is enough to discourage theft or damage from happening. Businesses that are defenseless are often the most vulnerable to potentially damaging actions.

Assessing property for vulnerabilities In the interest of planning ahead, a security officer can evaluate your storefront or business for areas of concern or vulnerability where a security breach is most likely to occur. This helps equip you and your staff for a range of potentially dangerous future events including riots.

Acting as the first line of defense The presence of a security officer ensures that you and your employees will have support in any situation while you wait for first responders to arrive onsite. Security officers can also coordinate with authorities to ensure that any altercation or disruptive incident is taken care of appropriately and efficiently.

Eagle Security Systems is dedicated to providing professionally-trained, compassionate security professionals that provide safety and peace of mind for you and your staff, clients and customers. In the midst of protests and riots, the decision to hire additional security not only keeps your business safe, but creates a ripple effect of safety for the surrounding community. If you believe that your business would benefit from a professional security officer, please contact us today at 877-766-4610.

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