Why Your Business May Need Outsourced Security Measures

Why Your Business May Need Outsourced Security Measures

Commercial buildings routinely offer standardized security services, but are these safety measures enough? According to BOMI International, an independent institute for property and facilities management education, there is a limited amount of security provided at commercial facilities, and managers must outsource any additional security measures. The maximum security services often provided by the facilities management include visitor processing, monitored parking, alarms and logs.

Visitor Processing

Generally, facilities will have a concierge service or perimeter monitor to receive guests and customers upon arrival. These staff members are responsible for intercepting and redirecting calls to the appropriate business or staff member, disseminating information upon request and occasionally serving as an escort. While they’re helpful in monitoring guest arrival, front desk attendants are unable to mitigate all the potential security threats that corporate offices face such as violence or intruders on their own. Concierge staff members have a large security responsibility which can be difficult to fulfill in the midst of their other tasks. 

Alarm Response 

When alarms sound at a facility or building, an alarm response service initiates a local process for taking appropriate action and ensuring the proper response. Sometimes corporate building alarm systems include electronic security screens, depending on the size of the facility and the level of security necessary. Employees who monitor alarm systems likely lack the proper training to subdue a perpetrator in the event of an attack or any civil disorder.  It is critical for corporate offices to have the proper security presence in place to protect staff until first responders arrive.

Monitoring Parking 

Facility-hired personnel attend to parking lots and perform periodic checks of the area. They may also be responsible for notifying police of collisions in the parking area, calling towing companies or directing customers and guests. These staff members are typically strictly outside and are not aware of what is happening internally. 

Maintaining Logs 

The concierge staff or reception clerks are usually responsible for documenting guests or employees who enter and exit the premise after hours, maintenance issues and mail. This additional front desk responsibility can distract from any security threats taking place outside of the building.

While essential, these tasks still leave many areas of a business vulnerable for security breaches and can even put clients at risk. Instead of leaving the safety and peace of mind of your business to a commercial building’s facilities management department, it’s crucial to assess your additional security needs and take necessary actions to provide your clients and employees with the safest possible working environment. 

This is where we come in. 

At Eagle Systems Security, we have the ability to assess your critical unmet needs and offer  interior and exterior facility patrols, monitor your office after hours, provide onsite special events security and develop an appropriate emergency response initiative. Our specially trained security officers become a vital extension of your team. While the amount of outsourced security businesses need can vary based on crime in the surrounding area, we believe it is crucial for customers and employees to have the peace of mind that their immediate safety and security needs are consistently met and accounted for. 

Eagle Systems is dedicated to going above and beyond to keep your business and customers safe in all circumstances. Our officers undergo extensive training to ensure they are fully equipped to meet the needs of any work environment. Contact us for more information on how you can improve the safety and security of your business at 877-766-4610 today!

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