When Security Environments Differ

When Security Environments Differ

Eagle Systems Security offers a range of security opportunities for clients, with two of our largest responsibilities existing in healthcare and corporate domains.

Our officers’ commitment to professional security is unwavering, but duties at healthcare and corporate office sites differ from one another. These opposing environments in which our officers work uncover a highly recognizable difference between commercial and healthcare security. 

When in a commercial setting, officers are trained to focus on the security of the perimeter, protecting the building, people and assets inside. Officers in this location are disciplined to protect facilities against security concerns, especially at their most vulnerable.

While patrolling is at the core of corporate physical security, healthcare security is predominantly a hands-on job. Officers within the healthcare system work with patients and healthcare officials daily to ensure high-stress situations and violence are either deescalated or prevented entirely. Because of hospital protocols and environmental safety concerns, healthcare officers are provided with additional training to guarantee they are equipped to perform effectively in sensitive situations. 

Often, officers are interacting with families of patients and become the face of the hospital for visitors. The responsibility of representing the healthcare client and Eagle Systems unquestionably sets healthcare apart from other sectors within physical security. 

Eagle Systems’ training prepares officers for every situation to establish a safe environment for clients. Although the officers’ duties in healthcare and corporate security differ, they both have one overarching responsibility in common: protect the clients and their assets at all costs.  

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