What Lies Ahead for Physical Security?

What Lies Ahead for Physical Security?

In 2018, a study titled “Future of Physical Security” was conducted and published by Accenture and Microsoft. Participating in the survey were 200 senior-level security leaders spanning various industries. The study revealed unique insights into the high demand for digital technology and its incorporation into physical security. This month, we are introducing the beginning of our four-part series, leading you through the recently published study and our take on the results.



One aspect addressed in section one was the urgency for security industry executives to adapt to the digital security transformation. A majority of industry executives recognized the importance of the digital shift, but did not view it as urgent (see Figure 1 below).

Further, the study takes into consideration the return on investment resulting when security companies recognize the need to leverage technology processes. When this collaboration is executed correctly, it leaves physical security tactics to accomplish more and serve as more effective than before. The study stated that when security organizations leverage technical assets, they are able to improve operating efficiency and reduce operating and capital expenses by 30-50% (Source: 2018 Accenture-Microsoft Security Survey).

At Eagle Systems, we are aware of the constant development of technology and its impact on our industry. In every service we provide (hospital and healthcare, corporate, training and patrol), we ensure every unique security plan and measure incorporates the correct officers, technology and qualifications to best suit the client’s specific concerns. We believe that people make the difference when it comes to skillfully maintaining the safety of an area, but with those hand-chosen officers comes the ability to learn and adapt to industry technology in every form.

Keep an eye out for Part 2 of this series to learn more about what’s in store for physical and digital security.

To view the 2018 Accenture-Microsoft Security Survey, click here. To contact Eagle Systems Security, call 1-877-766-4610.

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