Unique Ways the Security Industry Uses Technology

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Unique Ways the Security Industry Uses Technology

The security industry is changing; comparing modern private security methodologies to strategies from just 50 years ago highlights just how much as changed. Today, Security Officers and teams use incredibly advanced technologies to improve monitoring, recognize issues, and respond to issues faster – often in real time with very little delay. In this post, we’ll tell you about these tech products and why they hold so many benefits for businesses that rely on Security Officers for help.

Incredibly Advanced CCTV Monitoring Systems

CCTV monitoring isn’t new; in fact, security teams and police officers have relied on it for decades to improve the chances of catching a crime in progress. But today’s systems are smarter, more effective, and much clearer than those in the past. Many systems now make use of AI and automation to recognize everything from movement to patterns in behavior, which can be exceptionally useful in retail environments where shoplifting is a problem.

Of course, CCTV monitoring needs to be used effectively in order to make a difference. Research shows that simply staring at a screen isn’t effective mostly due to the human phenomenon of change blindness. It works best as an adjunct to an overall in-person security detail.


Drones are remarkable because they can safely fly into and out of zones the average human may not be able to access with ease. In fact, Coachella used drones this year to help security team members identify unfolding problems, such as active shooter events, fighting, and medical emergencies.

Traditionally, accessing all areas at the yearly festival was difficult; crowds make navigation slow and untimely. Drones won’t ameliorate that problem, but they will give officers a “leg up” to recognize issues earlier, which could save lives.

The catch: most states have laws for how and where businesses can use this type of monitoring, making them a poor choice for certain events. However, the growing potential for this to change in the security industry is quite high.

Highly Advanced Communications Tools

Back in 2001, former President George Bush instituted the State Emergency Management System, also known as NIMS SEMS. This system was the start of improved communication methods that allowed specific emergency responders, such as firemen and police officers, to quickly and instantly communicate, increasing response times and fulfilling requests for assistance.

Fast forward to 2018. Smartphones, bluetooth, WiFi, and radio technology has advanced to a point that it’s now easier than ever to allow Security Officers to communicate. Most importantly, many of these devices can be configured to work locally or broadly, meaning that communication networks can be limited to just the event, an entire city, or even the entire nation. Many support text, images, video, and more, ensuring better transmission of information in mere seconds – which raises security by allowing for a faster response.

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