Best Practices for Security in a Patient Care Setting

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Best Practices for Security in a Patient Care Setting

Hospitals and healthcare centers are commonly seen as a “safe place” to all who enter. Staff members, safety training and security systems all allow for patients to experience a comforting, safe environment. While those employed at hospitals or other medical centers are given specific instructions on how to act and react to a dangerous situation, their number one priority remains to protect the patients in their care. Employees are not responsible for deactivating a high-stakes situation, and they should not put themselves, other staff members or patients in danger. This is why Eagle Systems is dedicated to providing qualified security officers who have successfully completed extensive training to diffuse and eliminate security threats.

Eagle Systems’ Healthcare Security officers bear the extreme responsibility of active safety that should not be placed on healthcare providers. While hospital employees play a vital role in detecting and recognizing safety concerns, it is our job to take action in all situations. We open lines of communication between our security team and healthcare workers by implementing policies and procedures that inform all individuals of the correct actions to take in a variety of scenarios.

When on a routine shift, our officers do so much more than patrol their area. We make a point to interact with hospital leadership and engage in a variety of ways, such as by participating as members of the a hospital’s environment of care committees (EOC). EOCs are used to address all aspect of the hospital environment, from facilities and safety, to security and clinical matters. We have a large focus and understanding of all elements that could possibly impact the care of a patient and their family members, so that we are best prepared for any situation.

Handling hospital and healthcare security is delicate in that officers are trained to remove any threat, all while preventing a situation from escalating and causing discomfort or fear. It’s important to be firm, yet polite when questioning in order to investigate a situation. We aim to detect and prevent crime from occurring both around and within the facility, keeping all protected in times of need.

The visibility of Eagle Systems officers throughout the healthcare environment allows us to ensure the staff that we are there for their protection. We take time to round with the EOCs to establish professional relationships with the hospital and healthcare staff. We strive daily to give the best support possible to caregivers and practitioners, and stand beside the belief that it is best accomplished through established, professional relationships.

As a leader in the Contract Security industry, Eagle Systems is more than qualified to supply customers with disciplined, knowledgeable and experienced officers, providing your hospital or healthcare facility with around-the-clock protection. To learn more, contact us at 1-877-766-4610.


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