The 12 Days of Holiday Office Security

The 12 Days of Holiday Office Security

Naughty or nice, in order to keep your office safe this holiday season, your company should check this list not once, but twice! This winter, Eagle Systems Security is providing your company with the 12 best tips for holiday office security so you can spend your time off worrying more about finding the perfect gift for your loved ones and less about a potential break-in or fire at your office. 

Did you know that the holidays generally see an increase in crime? Our team at Eagle Systems Security understands the patterns of crime around the holidays and are able to make sure your building and employees are as safe as possible this season. While it is impossible to completely eradicate the potential for crime, we have several sure-fire ways to decrease the likelihood of it happening. On the 12 days of holiday office security, Eagle Systems Security advised:

1. Make an office security checklist. (And check it twice.)

Have a plan for the holidays and prepare your office security protocols for the season. List, in order of importance, the safety measures you and your employees need to take before leaving the office for vacation. This list should give you a head start. 

2. Check your fire system. 

Securing your fire system and best fire practices in case of an emergency is extremely vital for the safety of your business. This includes having a communication plan in place to alert emergency personnel in case of a fire at the office, which is especially critical while you and your employees are away on vacation. If you’re wanting to get festive with holiday decorations, make sure your team opts for festive adornments that don’t require wires or lights to help mitigate the risk of a fire hazard.

3. Make sure your camera security system is working.

Have a surveillance system that covers the entirety of your building’s premises. If you already have cameras in place, find out if they are up-to-date with the latest software.  

4. Test your alarm system. 

Ensure your alarms work properly in order to alert emergency responders and other necessary personnel in the event of an emergency. Alarms guarantee quick relief of any potentially dangerous situation and allow you and your team to worry less about your building while vacant.

5. Unplug electronics and wires. 

Unplugging electronics while you are out of office is a vital preventative measure to stop an electric fire before it ever starts. If wires are left plugged in, there is a higher chance of an electric fire, which can be amplified in severity while away from the office. By unplugging electronic devices, you are taking preventative measures to best prevent office fire hazards.

6. Take all valuables home. 

It’s a good rule of thumb to take items of value with you when you leave your office for an extended period of time. This not only stops theft when a break-in happens, but it also decreases the chance of a break-in because there are no items to tempt the criminal passerby. Do you have windows in your office? Are you located on the first floor of your building? If you responded yes to one or both of these questions, this step becomes even more important for your business. 

7. Lock away important items and information.

Regarding important business files and items, make sure that you and your staff place them in a secure location. If valuable documents and personal items are left out in the open, your company has a much higher probability of them being stolen or damaged than it would if your business remembered this small, often-overlooked step.

8. Lock up all windows and entrances/exits. 

The first things burglars check for are unlocked doors and windows. Don’t fall victim to this easy mistake! It’s crucial to make sure that your team understands that whoever is last to leave the building has a responsibility to their office and employees to lock up.

9. Close your blinds.

Empty buildings are direct targets for crime. Don’t let criminals know you and your team are gone for the holidays. By closing your blinds, you are taking a simple step to prevent anyone from knowing you are either at or away from the office, and thus, preventing break-ins.  

10. Stay vigilant while leaving the office. 

Use a buddy system and be aware of your surroundings when leaving the office late. This is a sure way to protect yourself from looking vulnerable. It is also great practice to have pepper spray or any self-defense tools readily on-hand in case of danger while leaving the office late at night.   

11. Notify your security company of updated holiday hours.

When you let your security company in on your holiday business hours, they can better spot and prevent potentially dangerous situations involving your business. When you don’t confirm updated hours and days the office is completely closed with security, your office is more vulnerable to crime.

12. Did you remember to check your office security list twice?

Yes, just like St. Nicholas. Before leaving for the holidays, make sure your office has completed all the necessary safety procedures needed to protect your office this holiday season. 

Though this jolly season is usually filled with all things nice, some situations can be naughty. Don’t let criminals or safety hazards steal your joy. At Eagle Systems Security, our priority is keeping your business safe. We believe these 12 security tips will help protect your office and employees from crime and danger during the holidays. 

Even though you can’t plan for every danger, as many security crises arise unexpectedly, we hope this list will help you get a head start on your holiday security. The best form of security is in person. It is critical to have personnel who know what to do in a crisis, no matter what situation arises. If you are needing more in-depth assistance or are looking to hire in-person security officers, don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-877-766-4610.

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