Telehealth: The Benefits and Costs to Security

Telehealth: The Benefits and Costs to Security

This past year, the healthcare industry has risen to overcome sudden, cumbersome pressures resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. With healthcare operations changing amidst the recent industry upheaval, telehealth has become the new normal. To keep your healthcare organization the safest amidst changes in telehealthcare, it’s vital to invest in cybersecurity, advanced security technologies and solidify your in-person security. 

The cybersecurity industry is quickly advancing and is becoming a greater concern for healthcare companies, especially following new work-from-home and telehealth additions in the wake of the pandemic. Cybersecurity has become a more prevalent trend in healthcare due in part to privacy concerns regarding patient medical information, as well as the inevitable development in technology. 

“Patients’ lives are at stake,” global cybersecurity expert, Robert Herjavec said in a Cybercrime Magazine online article. “If a cyberattack happens in healthcare, then health records can be stolen, life-saving devices can be disrupted—you name it. Unfortunately, these challenges are only intensifying as the COVID-19 pandemic accelerates digital transformation.”

Additionally, a Forbes article elaborated on the importance of providing and expanding cybersecurity in healthcare as it is a costly breach of safety. 

“Information security risk exposure tops all priorities. A single person’s personal health information is worth at least 25 times more than a credit card’s information on the black market, turning healthcare organizations into prime targets,” David Chou, a senior healthcare technology executive said.

Following the need for digital transformation, healthcare companies should consider a system and adjust the budget to accommodate any updates to technology that could potentially better secure the building, employees and patients. Just as it is important for your company to have up-to-date medical technologies, it is also just as vital for healthcare industries to invest in more advanced security technologies as they become available. 

“Healthcare is experiencing a renaissance in physical security with the integration of technology,” Adam Mace, an author at Healthcare Weekly, said. “Such tools include handheld devices with mobile reporting capabilities and duty reminders…They can even grant remote access by locking and unlocking doors or opening gates.” 

For key stakeholders in the healthcare industry, the industry’s defense against danger and crisis is essential to providing the best care possible. Thankfully, new technologies that can bolster the protection of hospitals, patients and staff are constantly made available so healthcare professionals can do their jobs with greater peace of mind. 

In-person security is still a resource that your industry should invest in this upcoming year. You may feel as though the bare minimum of installing electronic and technological safety tools will be sufficient to protect your business; however, technology possesses significant limitations compared to the capabilities of an in-house officer. Onsite officers are also trained in and able to offer key insights into cybersecurity, which would help ensure company safety from all angles. 

Both technology and in-person security work together to grant your healthcare facility complete protection that your patients and staff deserve. One isn’t more significant than the other, but instead, they both work to guarantee your company the ultimate safety coverage, especially with the trend toward Telehealth. 

For many, the new year brings a lot of uncertainty; however, one thing you can be certain about in 2021 is the safe preparation of your healthcare facility when you work with Eagle Systems.  Our experts are here to support and advise you on how to best secure your staff, patients and workplace. 

For more information about how you can prevent your healthcare facility from encountering future cybersecurity crises, call us today at 877-766-4610.

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