Spreading Pandemic Increases Hospital Security Threats

Spreading Pandemic Increases Hospital Security Threats

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads rapidly around the world, the need for hospital security is greater than ever before. 

There are currently new and unprecedented visitation regulations and restrictions in effect for healthcare facilities across America, as hospitals prepare to accommodate large numbers of sick people in the coming future. 

Hospitals in some cities are looking to rent or use other facilities such as university dormitories and hotels to increase hospital beds. One hospital in California is looking at plans to convert their parking lot into an RV park of “quarantine pods” for the COVID-19-infected. This rapid growth in our healthcare system demands security changes to meet new and critical needs. 

One of the key functions of security officers is to patrol surrounding areas to identify potential safety threats. As hospitals grow the number of beds for sick patients in their care and incorporate nearby facilities, there is even more ground that security guards must patrol. 

People who are suspected to have COVID-19 without emergent symptoms are asked to stay home and contact their primary health care provider rather than visit an urgent care or emergency room. As security officers are responsible for monitoring and controlling entry and exit doors, some security teams are taking the temperature of all hospital visitors, to ensure the safety of the hospital patients and workers.   

Women who are giving birth to children must do so alone in most cities; they cannot invite their parents and often must be separated from family. If a pregnant mother contracts COVID-19, they are quarantined from their baby, unable to be with their newborn until declared negative. 

Elderly patients and people going through essential surgeries and operations are inhibited from seeing family as well. Anyone who is high-risk for contracting COVID-19 must endure new visitation regulations at a majority of hospitals across the U.S. These new visitation regulations and healthcare changes leave hospitals open to increasing security threats and new security threats never seen before. 

Security officers are necessary to secure high-risk areas in hospitals and handle unruly behavior. In this COVID-19 pandemic, that also requires security officers to limit family members’ and community members’ interactions with each other and with high-risk or infected patients. The separation of friends and family in healthcare facilities is a devastating result of the current crisis and has the potential to lead to more violent encounters. The emotional stress of this current climate could lead to higher rates of encounters with violent patients, domestic violence, people under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and/or mentally unstable patients becoming violent. 

As hospital staff, nurses and doctors work to keep our communities safe from the threat of the pandemic, security officers are necessary now more than ever to ensure these essential workers are able to perform their jobs at the highest capacity. At Eagle Systems, our security teams are willing to go above and beyond to meet hospital needs in this difficult time. Contact our team today if your facility needs extra security.

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