Self Defense: Prevention

Self Defense: Prevention

The unnerving fact-of-the-matter is that danger is everywhere. However, the way you prepare and react to this danger is how the cycle of violence and attacks will end. 

According to Functional Self Defense, avoidance, awareness and prevention are three keys to combating physical attacks. Here are a few tips to keep in mind: 

Avoid dangerous places or high crime areas. Perpetrators are less likely to target people in a safe place. This is not to say violence never happens in safe areas, but being aware of your surroundings may decrease the chance of being considered as a target. Be aware and mindful of what is around you, and take mental notes of what seems odd. 

Make yourself a difficult target. Predators are more likely to choose a victim who is paying less attention. Distractions such as headphones, texting or talking on the phone is a sign of being unaware. 

If you feel threatened, find a quick way to reach a secure area and call for help. We are all in this together and want violent danger to be a crime of the past. 

Minimize your risks and learn how to best prevent danger. 

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