Security Training: The Basis of Successful Security Officers

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Security Training: The Basis of Successful Security Officers

Security training is the basis of keeping people safe. It’s vital for security personnel to encounter specific training credentials and certifications. Coaching and discipline is essential to provide officers with more than just a baseline understanding of their day-to-day duties. Specifically, detailed training concerning high- and low-risk frequency, such as use of force, active shooter response and first aid must be a continual focus.

When officers gain certifications, not only does it better serve to standardize training in the unit, but additionally, it establishes a high-level of proficiency for officers and employers. Training and certifications better equip an officer to be more confident, instituting standards that better explain limits and capabilities between officers.

Human natural responses to emergency situations can vary, and in the case of those who lack training, the ability to function can be lost as they are overcome with fear or shock. In the case of a life or death situation, fight or flight syndrome can take place. When officers are not properly trained, poor decision making can lead to disastrous consequences.

When training is successfully executed, natural responses are mitigated, providing a pre-established and structured response. Frequent trainings allow a deeply embedded response to emergency situations, enhancing the likelihood of a positive outcome. Increased training and certifications can also boost morale within a company and patrol team, positively affecting work ethic and demeanor.

Training is easily the most crucial aspect of a security officer’s job. Consequently, failing to effectively train in basic areas as well as preparing for high- and low-risk situations does not equip security officers to properly protect their area and the lives within it. Allowing officers to shadow and partake in real world experiences exposes officers to skills and different understandings of what their job includes. Valuable training and certification can make or break a security officer, so placing training at the core of an officer’s preparation is the basis of successful patrolling.

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