Security Officers Do More Than You Think for Your Healthcare Facility

Security Officers Do More Than You Think for Your Healthcare Facility

Healthcare facilities offer an environment where people are often found at their most vulnerable state, whether it be through physical illness, injury or even emotional distress. As discussed in a previous blog post, Today’s Biggest Security Concerns in Healthcare Facilities, among the top security concerns in healthcare today are theft, infant abductions and destructive patients or visitors. These breaches in healthcare security are complex and, as a result, often require a unique skill set from outsourced security. Here are four officer qualities that are necessary for officers to implement effective safety initiatives in the healthcare industry. 

  • Adaptability A healthcare setting offers a dynamic environment where security officers can serve in a variety of roles. In addition to being physically demanding, a security job requires mental capacity and strength. Because crises evolve rapidly, putting patients, visitors and staff at risk, officers must be prepared to take swift action when tensions rise and mentally adapt to changes in the current situation.
  • Observation Skills Criminal activity and dangerous situations can go undetected and develop without warning. In addition to protecting and patrolling restricted areas, security officers ensure preventative measures are in place and facility protocol is followed. Top security professionals are trained to pay attention to the things that others don’t think about.
  • Excellent Communication Security officers can serve as the first point of contact when a high-stress security situation arises. They often serve as the liaison between the healthcare facility and emergency services and relay critical information and instructions to patients, visitors and staff. Great security officers have the knowledge and resources necessary to initiate security response protocol to diffuse any volatile situation quickly and effectively.
  • Empathy & Customer Service Empathy is what sets great security officers apart in a healthcare setting. Patients and their friends and family members are most likely in a position of physical and emotional vulnerability. The best security officers have the ability to see things from patients’ and visitors’ perspectives. When patients and their families feel that a security professional understands their anxiety and predicament, they can build trust and peace of mind, understanding that the security officers act with their safety and best interest in mind at all times.

Eagle Systems Security is dedicated to provide healthcare facilities with highly-trained, adaptable, empathetic and professional security officers. We’re proud to be a leading security service, and are here to help keep you, your valued patients and staff, safe. Give us a call at 877-766-4610 to discuss the next steps in your path to greater security!

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