Security Officers Bridge The Gap In Police Response Times

Security Officers Bridge The Gap In Police Response Times

It’s the scene of a high-stakes crime as a suspect breaks into an office building after hours. The atmosphere is buzzing with nerves, helplessness and fear. People outside slow down and crane their necks to catch a glimpse of what’s going on, and one brave onlooker takes action, dialing 911, hoping that emergency responders will arrive in time to put an end to the perpetrator’s advances. Will these average citizens be able to subdue the criminal and prevent further damage or will it be too late?

Believe it or not, situations like this one happen far too often. Ordinary citizens rise to the occasion to de-escalate violent situations and can cause greater harm to themselves and others due to a lack of proper training. If police response times run longer, civilians might feel they have no choice but to intervene rather than let something dangerous unfold. 

The average police response time in 2020 is ten minutes, according to the American Police Beat, but this figure varies drastically depending on the type of crime, the number of competing incoming calls and officers available to respond. The National Bureau of Justice reports that 28.3% of violent crimes, including rape and sexual assault, have direct police response within five minutes of an emergency call, and the majority of violent crimes, 33.5%, have direct response within 11 minutes to an hour. In the event of an active shooter, police response time is the quickest, averaging in at three minutes as reported in a study conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). 

Often, the first few minutes of a crime are critical to de-escalation. For business owners and company leaders, there is a way to keep your business, staff, customers and facility safe in the early minutes of a crisis: security officers. Professionally trained and certified private security officers can provide safety to businesses, healthcare facilities, corporate buildings and beyond, implementing advanced security measures and crisis management plans. 

Security officers guarantee that a trained professional will be onsite to handle and de-escalate any crimes on your premises, mitigating dangerous situations before first responders are able to arrive. They shoulder security responsibilities so that you don’t have to, with guaranteed immediate response times.  

At Eagle Security Systems, our security officers go through rigorous training and are committed to integrity, good communication and excellence. We are ready to meet whatever security needs you have and assess your premises for any security blindspots. Security officers can help protect the physical safety of your employees and guests and your premises from damage. Contact us today at 877-766-4610 for more information on private security.

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