Security is Essential to Healthcare

Security is Essential to Healthcare

The relationship between healthcare workers and security officers is crucial. At Eagle Systems Security, we believe that placing security on-site at hospitals enables doctors, nurses and healthcare personnel to focus on the safety of their patients without being concerned about the safety of their workplace.

Did you know that employees in healthcare are more likely to encounter injuries and dangers taking them our of work than construction and manufacturing personnel? According to OSHA, 48% of leave of absences by healthcare workers are due to overexertion, while a shocking 9% are caused by violence. Hiring an external security company is the best way to ensure your medical office is protected and your employees can focus on what’s most important––the safety of patients. There are two significant examples of how integrating security in the healthcare setting is a worthwhile, valuable investment. 

A St. Louis hospital learned the value of implementing security in the clinical field. “The role of our security officers has changed now with much more emphasis on being another facet of the care team,” the safety and security specialist, Tod Miller, said. 

Rather than doing the bare minimum of daily security walks of the hospital halls, these security guards saw a gap that needed to be filled to support the medical staff. “[The security guards] were taking what they were traditionally doing and trying to bring a bigger value,” Miller said.

For the hospital staff at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles, their security officers are now referred to as the new “hospital heroes,” having stepped up in the time of COVID-19. The officers have stepped in to help with virus screening, distributing badges and in some cases, have had to be the bearer of bad news to families. Because of their roles in the medical field, these security officers have come to see a greater purpose in their work. 

“It’s a stressful job, but we love it,’” an on-site officer at Cedars-Sinai says. “I’ve been doing this for 17 years, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.”

In hospitals, security officers have the typical responsibility of overseeing entrances and exits, de-escalating tense situations, monitoring alarm and video systems, patrolling the premises and even calling for law enforcement. While these are the daily requirements, each day brings the possibility for something unexpected, and that’s why it’s important to be prepared by hiring well-trained security that seamlessly integrates into your staff and function as part of the team.

Hospitals are a difficult place to manage, and many times the primary focus of the building directors or head executives is less on safety and security and more on their care for its patients and their families. Our company prides itself on securing healthcare facilities and protecting the greater mission of keeping people healthy and happy. We believe every medical center should leave the responsibility of safety to a qualified group of security professionals like our team at Eagle Systems Security.

To learn more about our capabilities and how you can get a head start on hiring security for your medical facility, call us at 877-766-4610.

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