Safety Starts with Top-Notch Training

Safety Starts with Top-Notch Training

What makes Eagle Systems Security better than the rest?

Our training.

Eagle Systems Academy is licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Board as a Licensed Training School. The Academy offers training at state-mandated levels to ensure that our officers are well equipped to protect our clients and their assets. 

Eagle Systems’ integrity starts from the very beginning of training. Our officers are carefully selected and undergo training until they are able to perform their duties to our standards. 

Preparedness is taken very seriously at Eagle Systems Academy. Officers are fully trained in the latest security devices and equipment. These programs are crafted to meet the needs of our clients and are constantly modernizing to accommodate requests from organizations we protect. 

“Eagle provides top-notch training to our officers which sets them up for future success with our clients. They are prepared upon leaving training to not only do their jobs as security officers but also to protect the client’s assets and staff from future crimes.” (Sherri Springman, Human Resources Manager)

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