More than Security: Officers are Committed EOC Members

More than Security: Officers are Committed EOC Members

Although our officers are not involved in clinical matters, we strive to gain a basic understanding of factors which impact patient care.  

Our Healthcare Security officers don’t solely patrol their ground on a shift, but rather take the time to engage in a variety of ways. At Eagle Systems, we participate in hospital committees which keep us engaged with hospital activities, help us monitor the environment and promote officer visibility.

Officers meet on a weekly basis with caregivers and practitioners by becoming members of each individual hospital’s environment of care committees (EOCs). EOCs address all aspects of the hospital including facilities, safety, security and clinical.

While rounding with EOC members, our security officers engage staff in specific discussions on how and when to call for security. Rounding also presents our officers with the opportunity to establish professional relationships with the hospital department’s staff including nurses, techs, environmental services and others.

EOCs enable officers to stop and speak to staff, increasing officer visibility and accessibility at the hospital. Visibility of our officers throughout the hospital is extremely important. Because hospital staff stay busy providing the best possible patient care, we aim to make our presence known by taking a few minutes to speak and engage in EOC meetings and during patrol rounds.

Rather than engaging in long, personal conversations, officers offer a short “How are you doing?” or “Is there anything I need to know that will help you during your shift?” in order to assist hospital personnel without distracting them.

EOCs also help security officers to stay up-to-date on hospital events. Officers are quick to address security needs as they are always attentive and informed. As a matter of routine, officers remain involved in the close monitoring of the hospital and provide many additional functions to create a secure environment for all hospital stakeholders.   

When security officers serve as EOC members, they are given the opportunity to address hospital issues uniquely and effectively. Our well-trained security officers vigilantly serve the hospital and assess situations where security is needed. Officers accomplish tasks such as overwatches, suicide watch and door unlocks. Additionally, they take part in monitoring general safety, hazard material protocol and fire protection.

Beyond following safety protocol, our Healthcare Security officers become part of the hospital community by joining EOCs. By creating a secure environment of care and respect built on professional relationships, officers allow hospital caregivers and practitioners to perform at their best.

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