Modernizing Training through Generous Funding

Modernizing Training through Generous Funding

Eagle Systems is honored and excited to have received a Skills Development Fund grant totaling $115,132 by the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC). This grant was utilized for a 2-day training session for our Managers and Supervisors to develop their management skills. Eagle Systems representatives joined TWC and TSTC officials for the check presentation ceremony held at the John B. Connally Technology Center on TSTC’s Waco campus.

The Skills Development Fund provides opportunities for Texas businesses to increase employee skill levels and wages of the Texas workforce. When awarded the grant, training providers have the option to use grant funds for curriculum development, training materials, instructor certifications and training equipment additions or upgrades.

Eagle Systems is thankful for the opportunity to use the resources granted by TSTC to provide our managers and supervisors with the most effective preparation to better serve our clients. This grant gives Eagle Systems the chance to provide employees with more extensive education and training to best manage security officers and customer relations. To Eagle Systems, training is of utmost importance, and the Skills Development Fund grant helps our organization further capitalize on staff preparation.

At Eagle Systems, our training is customized to meet clients’ needs in every area necessary. Training programs are constantly evolving to meet new standards of preparedness to ensure our guards are equipped to properly protect our clients and their assets. Modernizing our training programs and guard standards keeps Eagle Systems at the top of the physical security field.

Since 1987, Eagle Systems has provided Texas with professional security services in healthcare, corporate, guard and patrol. We are committed to hiring and training qualified individuals who are equipped to protect and serve our clients throughout North and Central Texas. Our dedication to customer service and advanced security makes us the leading security service in Texas. 

“This was a great opportunity for us to provide our supervisors and managers training on how to lead their staff. Not only did they learn some valuable tools on how to manage and lead, but they also gained the opportunity to connect with many of their counterparts and brainstorm on what works and what doesn’t,” said Chris Gerick, Eagle Systems Security CEO & President. “Being awarded this grant from TSTC and TWC gave us, as a small business, an opportunity to provide great training we may not have engaged in otherwise due to funding. As a company, we believe that training is crucial to our officers and this was another example of doing our best to get more training for our Supervisory team.”

We are so grateful to be awarded the Skills Development Fund grant this year. We know this resource will build upon our established foundation of training development for years to come.

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