Minimize Security Breaches in Healthcare Facilities

Minimize Security Breaches in Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals have many restricted areas such as operating rooms, intensive care units and places with critical equipment. It is now more important than ever that these areas are secure, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is critical for at-risk patients and patients receiving treatment in restricted areas to be safe from the threat of the virus. However, healthcare workers do not have time to make sure these specialized areas are secure, on top of their essential duties.  

 On top of the threat of the pandemic, breaches in hospital security can be dangerous, slow down work and lead to organizational mistrust. In the past, there have been hospital break-ins and even intrusions into surgical rooms when a woman posed as a doctor-in-training. These instances are alarming and will upset patients and disrupt workflow. Hospital settings can also have higher rates of patient violence in restricted areas. 

That’s where security officers step in. 

Security officers can achieve safety; their presence limits break-ins, stops unauthorized personnel and provides a safe experience for staff, doctors, patients and visitors. To learn more, check out this Modern Healthcare article about how integrating security officers into the clinical team can prevent violence and ensure safety.

At Eagle Systems, we work hard to maintain the safest possible environment at all the healthcare facilities we protect. We understand that especially with the recent pandemic, COVID-19, monitoring visitor flow is more important than ever. Our officers are highly trained and allow hospital employees to worry less about safety and more about their essential work with patients.

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