Meet Wesley Tucker, Healthcare Security Manager

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Meet Wesley Tucker, Healthcare Security Manager

“I believe that we should always seek to provide value-added services, go above and beyond what is required, look to enhance our presence and diligently working to accommodate the special needs of our client.” – Wesley Tucker

A part of our team for nearly 4 years, Wesley Tucker is an invaluable asset bringing security experience spanning international borders.

Born in Kentucky and raised in Michigan, Wesley began his career in law enforcement in 1979. Before joining Eagle Systems, he led security programs in Kuwait, Southwest Asia, the Middle East region and Colorado.

Wesley implemented a 50-person Law Enforcement unit to supplement the Provost Marshal in Kuwait, accepted a position as the Middle East Region Security manager and worked as the Chief Security Officer in corporate headquarters in Colorado Springs.

As Chief Security Officer, Wesley was responsible for ensuring personnel and program compliance with security standards for programs handling classified materials and personnel holding security clearances. Additionally, Wesley worked with teams assessing program security needs for various governmental defense contract proposal requests.

After completing his time in the military and law enforcement, Wesley made the transition to Texas. He has worked in various positions at Eagle Systems including Security Officer, Patrol Supervisor as well as his current position as Healthcare Security Manager

As Healthcare Security Manager, Wesley is responsible for the day to day management of Healthcare teams providing security services to hospitals located in Temple, Texas. Wesley’s diverse and extensive experience gives him a unique perspective to meet the demands of security management.

At Eagle Systems, Wesley enjoys both the challenges and rewards of providing high-quality security teams to each and every client. His commitment and dedication aligns with the values upheld at Eagle Systems Security.  

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