Human Interaction: Benefit or Threat?

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Human Interaction: Benefit or Threat?

In order to thrive, businesses require human interaction, yet people can pose as one of the main threats to company security. True intentions are hard to detect and often aren’t revealed until it’s too late. By remaining aware of this threat and proactively combating it with security measures, you keep your employees safe from potentially dangerous situations.

Most businesses are aware of the potential threat of robbery or a break-in. It’s a very common form of crime that most establishments aim to prevent on a daily basis. However, something that most businesses don’t think about is theft from an employee within their organization. While employees aren’t viewed as a threat because of their authorization, they hold an immense amount of access and information that may allow them to get away with theft of personal items off of desks, money out of wallets/purses or sensitive information, all undetected.

Another underestimated threat to business are visitors. You never know who may walk through the door or their purpose for being there. It could be a disgruntled former employee, stalker, or even someone potentially unstable. Having an unguarded front entrance could be a recipe for disaster. Even if those people have no intention of harming anyone, their emotions could elevate if asked to leave, escalating the situation. Without security present, untrained employees are forced to attempt stopping the individual, putting themselves and those around them in even greater danger.

All threats discussed can be diminished through increased awareness and security measures. Placing Eagle Systems Security officers on the premises help with both—providing officers around to clock to protect your building when at its most vulnerable.

Stationing security officers around entrance points allow them to monitor all who enter and exit, identifying threats. If an employee needs to retrieve something from within the building after hours, an officer can escort them, increasing their personal safety and protecting property from theft. Designating officers at entrance points repel unwanted visitors, as the presence of a security officer often deters intruding individuals and destructive behavior.

The threat humans pose to businesses typically is misjudged as a lesser crime––when they can actually cause the most harm. Luckily Eagle Systems Security’s officers are trained, equipped and ready to keep your business safe.


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