Hospital Heroes: Maximize Patient Care with Private Security

Hospital Heroes: Maximize Patient Care with Private Security

A visit to the hospital is rarely a carefree experience. There is often anxiety in the air, whether it be due to a loved one’s condition, a nerve-wracking operation, or other difficult health symptoms. Regardless of the primary reason for being there, expectations of hospital patients remain the same: to receive the best care in a clean and safe facility. Unfortunately, hospitals are not always safe and face many types of security threats each day. 

Even though a patient, visitor, or healthcare employee should never have to fight for their safety at a hospital, this is an increasingly prevalent issue in healthcare facilities that lack proper security measures. Security officers bridge the gap between security and safety concerns, and hospital employees’ responsibilities. Doctors and nurses cannot be focused on apprehending a dangerous guest, the potential for theft, or an uncontrollable patient. When security is on staff at a hospital, healthcare workers are able to fully focus on their jobs, prioritize patient safety and provide optimal care. 

If COVID-19 has taught healthcare facilities or workplaces anything, it is to expect the unexpected. It is vital to take every precaution to stay safe and hygienic because a security threat can come from anywhere. Healthcare security officers are stepping up due to COVID-19 restrictions. Visitor policies have changed drastically, so security officers have acted as a buffer between disgruntled visitors and family members, preventing irritable visitors from acting out with healthcare professionals. 

A great example of this is emulated by the security team at a California hospital, who took full ownership of their new roles and overcame new challenges in the midst of the pandemic. Security officers had the time and ability to work with hospital visitors who were not permitted to see their ill family members due to increased strictness in visitation policies. The officers came up with thoughtful compromises to connect the COVID-19 patients to their families all while taking on extra responsibilities like assisting in dispensing hand sanitizer and performing temperature screenings.

When reading stories like this one, it becomes more apparent that there is an emotional appeal to having security officers present. These officers hold the power to deliver peace of mind when medical professionals cannot. They function not only as a friendly face despite often being the bearer of bad news for hopeful visitors but also as a consistent reminder that everyone who enters the facility is being looked after in all aspects. 

Despite the added stress of COVID-19 on many facilities, we’re all in this together. A friendly, professional security officer makes all the difference in changing the atmosphere of your hospital or healthcare workplace. We’re here to help bring your security to the next level by finding the best security solutions for you. Call us today at 877-766-4610 to learn more about what Eagle Security Systems can do for you and your healthcare facility.

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