Eagle Systems Takes Security to the Next Level

Eagle Systems Takes Security to the Next Level

Security officers are responsible for sustaining safety in a variety of working environments, each with unique objectives. At Eagle Systems, we work alongside the businesses we protect by understanding the soft skills specific to the industry. We believe security officers who know more about who they serve, gain insight into internal operations and provide a higher level of safety.

Communication between the industry and security officers can help officers implement techniques to improve security and uncover potential problems. Cross-industry communication leads to enriching careers and improved relationships across organizations. To ensure our line officers are best equipped to support our clients, we hold routine staff meetings with our leadership team to maximize communication.

Through Eagle Training Academy, we provide extensive training in job-related duties, especially focusing on the unique healthcare and corporate environments. In healthcare facilities, our officers routinely interact with staff, visitors and patients as a normal part of their duties. They are equipped with the skillset to handle situations with patients who may be in emergency situations or emotionally-charged states. Our officers have exceptional interpersonal skills, work toward an appropriate resolution and respond with empathy. Eagle Systems officers strive to be conscious of their environment and understand the employees to establish clear expectations and minimize misunderstandings.

We also work with corporate and high-rise organizations to design and implement patrols to protect facilities when they are most vulnerable. If there is a specific request from our client, we will design a specific program to address their concerns.

Not only are Eagle Systems officers trained through our rigorous internal training department, but are also equipped with the latest training curriculum and suited with the most current equipment. Once assigned to a campus, officers receive an additional 32 hours of on-the-job training under the guidance of a designated field training officer who will guide them through their next 90 days.

We specialize to better connect with our clients and provide the best possible service. We want to hear your concerns because understanding your industry increases our officers’ potential to connect with staff and visitors.

Through our constant availability and adaptability, our officers are acutely aware of the mission of our partner organizations and highly-qualified to protect. A seamless integration of our security team is important to us. At Eagle Systems, we take our role to the next level. We strive for a deeper connection and push our officers beyond security.

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