Eagle Systems Security Officer Stops Crime in the Act

Eagle Systems Security Officer Stops Crime in the Act

We get it—you can’t predict the future. It’s impossible to know exactly when a crime will take place, how it will happen, or what risks are associated. Having an in-house security officer may seem like an extreme measure, but smart business leaders recognize third-party security as a necessary precaution. While it doesn’t eliminate crime, the presence of a security officer implements a critical middle-ground that can drastically reduce the consequences of a crime when it happens or even stops crimes before they happen. 

At Eagle Systems Security, we love receiving positive feedback from our clients on what our officers have done for their businesses. One of our Eagle Systems Security officers recently secured a client’s business from an impending threat when this officer identified suspicious activity by a man early one February morning. He monitored the man’s unusual activity and was able to catch him in a dangerous act against our client’s business. The officer eliminated the potential for much greater repercussions suffered by the business and de-escalated the situation quickly. As our Eagle Systems officer subdued the man and kept him under close watch, police arrived and arrested the suspect. 

Now, let’s ask the question: if a security officer had not been present, how would this scenario have played out differently?

Although this is never a situation that you want to imagine your employees or customers facing, the simple fact is that criminal activity can happen anywhere at any time. It is also likely that no one in your office or facility is equipped or trained to subdue a criminal properly before emergency services and first responders arrive on the scene. In the situation where our officer subdued a potential perpetrator, criminal activity could have occurred without the officer on site. Other employees would need to take time away from their work to keep a close watch on the suspicious man and monitor the property. Business would not be able to function as usual because the unpredictability of the situation would serve as a major distraction.

Knowing you are doing everything it takes to protect your business, valued employees and customers contributes greatly to the overall morale and productivity of a business. Our client was able to rest assured that the security of their business was in capable and trustworthy hands. Our officer’s swift response and appropriate action helped lead to an arrest and the return of any stolen property.

“I would like to say a big thank you to [our] Eagle Security Officer…. [This officer] did an outstanding job!” our customer said. “We had been watching this man early [in the] morning and we said he [would] come back and hit us… One down and more to go!” 

At Eagle Security Systems, we encourage you to take the necessary steps to protect your employees, guests and business. You don’t have to be unprepared when a dangerous situation escalates and there is no one there to provide an immediate, coordinated response. We are dedicated to providing highly-trained security professionals to businesses and facilities that care to go the extra mile. Call us today at 877-766-4610 to learn more about our services!

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