Combating Healthcare Security Challenges

Combating Healthcare Security Challenges

Eagle Systems security officers provide protection and immense peace of mind to doctors, patients, visitors and all who enter the doors of a medical facility. Security officers add the essential piece of tranquility to an overwhelming healthcare environment.  

Eric Clay, System Director of Public Safety for CoxHealth, states a rising issue in healthcare security is verbal and physical abuse of employees. When workplace violence occurs, it disrupts the peace of the facility. By adding security officers to your campus, you have access to an immediate response team that can diminish the effects of violence on workers. Clay advises a training program for local law enforcement officers. 

The hospital environment can be a place of high tension, so on-campus professionals should train appropriately to respond to strained situations. Other factors that contribute to increased workplace violence include unrestricted movement throughout hospital facilities, over-dependence on the ER, and the opioid epidemic. These factors can lead people to irrationally react to their circumstances while they are at a medical facility. 

At Eagle Systems, we provide highly-trained personnel at a second’s notice. We employ the talents of veterans and retired law enforcement officers who have the expertise to diffuse tension within the facility. Eagle Systems officers are qualified individuals that meet the highest professional standards. We take proactive measures to improve security and show our dedication to safety. Our healthcare clients also show true concern for their employees’ and patients’ safety by employing security officers to protect their facilities. 

Here at Eagle Systems, we understand quality care. We work with your business to provide an on-site manager, ensuring the safety of your medical facility. Threats to healthcare environments cause unnecessary stress and disturb crucial everyday processes. Our trained officers know exactly how to respond to healthcare-related emergency situations and understand the importance of providing a safe haven. Security within medical facilities is not something that can be measured by a price tag. Our mission is to bring security to places that need it. Talk with us today for security you can trust at 1-877-766-4610 and learn more about our company. You can also contact us directly by submitting our form. Make Eagle Systems your trusted security service.

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