Choosing the Right Security Personnel

Choosing the Right Security Personnel

When looking for security, companies can consider two methods: in-house or contracted external security guards. Loyal, trained and effective guards are more likely to serve clients when they are hired externally. 

Trust and commitment between a security company and clients are at the forefront of every Eagle Systems relationship. When a contract is completed, the officers are committed to protecting the client’s every need. Expectations are clearly defined and security guards are expected to uphold the responsibilities listed in their contract. As always, our guards are trained to take the client’s security very seriously.

When hiring externally, companies are confident that guards are fully trained and understand their role. Officers are prepared to handle dangerous situations quickly and effectively, encouraged to use their best judgment when diffusing threatening circumstances. Our training programs are constantly evolving and officers are fully instructed in the latest security devices and equipment to best suit our clients’ needs. The flexibility in training gives guards the opportunity to progress in security methods as need be. 

According to IGS Security, the experience of an external security company can add great value to the overall well being of a company’s environment. Clients can take comfort in knowing guards are experienced and qualified to protect. Our guards are veterans and are well seasoned at their jobs. Hiring internally may not always ensure guards are knowledgeable in the in-and-outs of physical security.

Another benefit of hiring-out is the ease of liability. An organization that outsources is not responsible for officer selection, training and for the security officer’s actions. The cost savings of insurance can be large when considering hiring in-house versus out. Companies are not expected to manage the guards, this responsibility falls on the security company.

Eagle Systems knows security officers make a difference, and our guards work to create a positive influence on every organization. Let us show you the difference! Contact us today to begin the external hiring process.

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