New Year, New Safety Investments

Are you contemplating investing in your company’s security services? The time is now.  Putting time and money into security will protect your assets and secure the future of your organization in the long run. Safety is never guaranteed, but ensuring your company and clients are shielded from the unexpected will always be worth the funding. Private security officers are an effective way to protect your organization from harm and danger. Patrol Scan writes that when companies invest in a security [...]

5 Safety Tips for 2020

Are your New Year’s Resolutions set? We have one goal you may want to throw into the mix––your safety! Making small, intentional changes to protect yourself in a normal routine will make you more aware of your surroundings. Whether online, at home or in vehicles, here are some tips to make 2020 your safest year yet.  Ridesharing, while convenient, can be dangerous if not executed with great caution. Uber says there are small ways to stay alert during your ride.  [...]

Security Personnel: An Extension of Your Business

The title “Security Officer” truly encompasses many different roles. For Eagle Systems, our officers are first and foremost dedicated to providing monitoring and security to valuable organizations––but their job extends far beyond that. Security officers take on the responsibility of cultivating safe work environments, maintaining order, acting quickly and representing our brand and our clients’ brands in the highest regard.  Officers provide safe work environments for clients, employees and executives. Simply the presence of an officer calms clients and employees [...]

Ho-Ho-How To Protect Holiday Guests

The holidays are quickly approaching, which means events and celebrations are just around the corner! When planning an event, it’s vital to integrate crowd management techniques. Hiring security for large events can be the difference between chaos and safety. At Eagle Systems, our guards are fully equipped to handle stressful and potentially dangerous situations, ensuring the well-being of all event attendees. There are a few things to keep in mind in regards to the safety and keeping of your guests. [...]

Armed Guards: Display of Safety or Source of Fear?

It’s no question that security guards offer an immense amount of benefits for your organization, but does the display of safety change based on a guard being visibly armed? Security guards, like our trained professionals at Eagle Systems Security, act as a barrier between people and danger.  Armed guards have the ability to discourage any dangerous activity, showing criminals the severity of safety. The possibility of a guard carrying often defers criminals from acting with malintent. The benefits of an [...]

Choosing the Right Security Personnel

When looking for security, companies can consider two methods: in-house or contracted external security guards. Loyal, trained and effective guards are more likely to serve clients when they are hired externally.  Trust and commitment between a security company and clients are at the forefront of every Eagle Systems relationship. When a contract is completed, the officers are committed to protecting the client’s every need. Expectations are clearly defined and security guards are expected to uphold the responsibilities listed in their [...]

Modernizing Training through Generous Funding

Eagle Systems is honored and excited to have received a Skills Development Fund grant totaling $115,132 by the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC). This grant was utilized for a 2-day training session for our Managers and Supervisors to develop their management skills. Eagle Systems representatives joined TWC and TSTC officials for the check presentation ceremony held at the John B. Connally Technology Center on TSTC's Waco campus. The Skills Development Fund provides opportunities for Texas businesses to increase employee skill levels [...]

Small Company, Big Security

A small business doesn’t mean less security. Organizations of all sizes remain susceptible to safety hazards. Investing in security measures should always remain a priority for companies working to create a comfortable and secure environment. According to John Vasquez, small businesses are often worried about investing too much of their resources into safety rather than their business. “Sometimes, they just roll the dice and hope nothing happens,” Vasquez said.  “Rolling the dice” when it comes to securing your work environment [...]

When Good Doesn’t Cut It

Eagle Systems believes in hiring only the best. Our officers are heavily trained to stand out among the rest whether in hospitals, corporate buildings or at events. We believe that “People Make a Difference,” and put this into action through our heavily qualified and trained guards. Our security officers come from various backgrounds but are all held to the highest standard. We understand the value that experience brings to our organization, and utilize the talents of retired law enforcement officers [...]

How Healthcare Security Positively Impacts Patients

Eagle Systems Security believes that maintaining a safe environment for patients directly reflects compassion and respect for visitors. Safety plays a large role in overall healthcare effectiveness by providing visitors a comfortable environment where their personal safety is not on their list of worries.  Ensuring patient satisfaction primarily begins with the patient’s surrounding environment. Hospitals and other healthcare buildings can be known for uncomfortable atmospheres, which directly correspond to patients feeling hesitant and in distress. We understand the feeling of [...]

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