Security in Trying Times: Eagle Systems’ Position on COVID-19

To our Eagle Systems Family:  We’re doing our best to service our clients, and to keep our employees, clients and community safe in the midst of rapidly changing news around COVID-19. We’re taking necessary precautions and adhering to the recommendations of the CDC and World Health Organization in order to prioritize the health and safety of our Eagle Systems family.  We encourage you to stay up-to-date about the virus on the CDC website at where you can find infection [...]

Why Surveillance in Hospitals is a Must

Security cameras keep record of events and dissuade inappropriate behavior in the workplace. Hospitals are bustling with busy staff, striving to provide patients with the best care. Due to the stressful environment, it’s easy to overlook security in more isolated areas. Surveillance cameras make it possible to keep the hospital premise secure at all times. Security officers allow for immediate assistance for emergencies; however, cameras can also deter crime. With technology advancing, digital surveillance cameras are available and compatible with [...]

Top Security Threats Facing Corporate America

According to a survey from Securitas, workplace violence and internet security are the top concerns for corporate facilities. Active shooters came up as a close 3rd place on the list of concerns. Securitas surveyed Fortune 1000 security management to gather the most relevant threats and found these concerns to be the most prevalent among management teams for U.S. businesses. These perceived and real threats allow employees and staff to feel unsafe in their working environment.  Other threats on the list [...]

What Makes an Excellent Security Officer?

Security officers are tasked with the responsibility of keeping others safe – no small job. They must be calm under pressure, communicate effectively and familiarize themselves with the latest technologies. When faced with all types of challenges, excellent security officers distinguish themselves with certain traits.  At Eagle Systems, our security officers stand out by being these qualities:  Alert: Security officers must always be alert on the job. Our officers take their responsibility seriously by remaining vigilant. You can expect readiness [...]

The Top 4 Tips to Be Safe in Parking Lots

Security doesn’t start at the front door. Parking lots are widely overlooked, so crimes in these locations are difficult to monitor. Parking garages can span numerous floors, so it’s important to be vigilant. In fact, most crime at public places occurs in the parking lot.  If you happen to be using an unguarded parking garage, it’s never a bad idea to take safety precautions. Here are 4 key tips to stay safe when you walk to your car:  Be aware [...]

Safeguard Against Hospital Intruders

Hospitals are working toward more security checkpoints to avoid an intruder on facility grounds. Hospital staff are extraordinarily busy and an intruder can add stress and disrupt the functions of the healthcare environment. Having a check-in counter and security officers reduce the risk of unwanted visitors. There’s a hospital expectation that only authorized personnel are present in certain areas. However, due to limited security, almost anyone can find themselves in restricted rooms. There are even terrifying cases such as an [...]

Medical Name Badges Threaten Security

Did you know that name tags can be a breach of security? By law, health practitioners are required to have their first and last name displayed on their identification badges. However, this enables ill-intending patients to identify names, research medical staff, and threaten or harass healthcare employees. To decrease this risk, the Pennsylvania House Bill 1880 was proposed to allow medical staff to remove information from their name IDs.  Representative Keith Gillespie, sponsor of the bill, knows from experience that [...]

Combating Healthcare Security Challenges

Eagle Systems security officers provide protection and immense peace of mind to doctors, patients, visitors and all who enter the doors of a medical facility. Security officers add the essential piece of tranquility to an overwhelming healthcare environment.   Eric Clay, System Director of Public Safety for CoxHealth, states a rising issue in healthcare security is verbal and physical abuse of employees. When workplace violence occurs, it disrupts the peace of the facility. By adding security officers to your campus, you [...]

Eagle Systems Takes Security to the Next Level

Security officers are responsible for sustaining safety in a variety of working environments, each with unique objectives. At Eagle Systems, we work alongside the businesses we protect by understanding the soft skills specific to the industry. We believe security officers who know more about who they serve, gain insight into internal operations and provide a higher level of safety. Communication between the industry and security officers can help officers implement techniques to improve security and uncover potential problems. Cross-industry communication [...]

New Year, New Safety Investments

Are you contemplating investing in your company’s security services? The time is now.  Putting time and money into security will protect your assets and secure the future of your organization in the long run. Safety is never guaranteed, but ensuring your company and clients are shielded from the unexpected will always be worth the funding. Private security officers are an effective way to protect your organization from harm and danger. Patrol Scan writes that when companies invest in a security [...]

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