Can you guess the most important factor in security?

Can you guess the most important factor in security?

High-speed communication between security officers is necessary to mitigate potential issues and enact proper protocol in a timely manner. At Eagle Systems, we know that officers have a big impact on the safety of an environment. We prioritize communication training and top-of-the-line equipment for our officers, because of the impact communication has on our clients’ safety. 

Security officers encounter a large number of people everyday, especially in corporate and healthcare settings. Our officers receive visitors and are highly trained in various forms of communication including crisis-management, reporting, negotiation and beyond. Here are four areas where security officers must stay ahead of the curve in communication in order to have the biggest positive impact on safety. 

Written and Verbal Communication

Officers must have clear and effective written and verbal communication at all times, including when negotiating, reporting, performing visitor check-ins or talking with client employees and visitors. When issues arise, officers need to quickly take action to de-escalate conflict and/or negotiate in the face of an altercation. Read more about how our officers deal with difficult situations that arise in healthcare settings. We train our officers to create concise and thorough written and verbal reports, and collaborate with our clients.

Listening Skills

Communication is a two-way street. Skilled officers are able to not only speak clearly, but also, listen carefully. In stressful situations, it’s common for officers to be given lots of information. Highly-trained officers will remain calm in the heat of a crisis and sort through the relevant information. After they have gathered a clear message, they can proceed with action steps.

Enhanced Communication Technology 

New technology bolsters the speed of communication between on-site officers and client personnel. It allows security officers to detect suspicious activity faster than normal through, for example, instantaneous security camera feeds. Officers can incorporate communication technology to provide the highest level of safety.  Eagle Systems’ officers are fully trained in the latest security devices and equipment. We prioritize working with our clients in order to create a crisis management plan that includes proper communication channels for all situations. 

Body Language 

Communication isn’t just verbal. Behavioral studies have shown that people’s postures and hand placement communicates more about attitudes than their words do. Officers who maintains a professional posture communicates their attentiveness to the task at hand. Officers that combine professional posture with an approachable demeanor helps boost an organization’s positive moral and rapport with visitors. 

Our extensive training programs ensure Eagle Systems officers are familiar with our clients’ environments, skilled at all forms of communication and prepared to meet all of our clients’ critical safety needs. Whether we’re patrolling an event, office space or healthcare facility, you can count on our officers to have great communication in order to create a secure environment.

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