Building Trust with Security Integration

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Building Trust with Security Integration

When security officers are not integrated into the normal routine of a hospital, they are not utilized to their full potential. They are seen as outsiders to daily procedures and are generally used when a dangerous situation arises. By making security officers part of the normal routine, they are made members of the team. This integration helps to build an environment of trust, teamwork and safety.

When caregivers are more comfortable with security officers they are more likely to utilize them before a situation escalates. Hospital staff can alert an officer immediately when they begin to feel unsafe. Most times the mere presence of an officer calms a potentially hostile situation. However, if a situation does continue to intensify, integrating an officer early as possible is crucial so they can properly control the situation that potentially could endanger staff and patients.

Another important reason for integrating officers into hospital routines is that it allows officers to become more comfortable with hospital surroundings. The presence of an officer as a normal practice helps safeguard staff and patients, allowing them to familiarize themselves with those frequenting the building. This contributes to a heightened sense of awareness for potential threats. While knowing the normal shift times for hospital staff and frequent visitors of patients will not eliminate potential issues, it aids officers in combating possible situations before they occur.

The integration of security officers builds trust between caregivers and officers, allowing both to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. Caregivers can focus on providing the best care for the patients and their families, all while knowing they are safe and secure in the hands of the security officers.

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