Boost Risk Management Tactics with Digital Innovation

Boost Risk Management Tactics with Digital Innovation

Last month we sparked a discussion surrounding the future of physical security based on a 2018 study conducted by Accenture and Microsoft. We are eager to dive into our next topic resulting from the survey: Innovative Risk Management. In every industry, businesses strive to uncover new ways to mitigate risk in their sector –– that process begins with innovative ideas. 

Within the digital transformation process for the security industry comes three distinct ways to impact risk: 1. Newly discovered elements of dynamic identity management, 2. Robust threat detection and investigation and 3. The unification of physical and cybersecurity. Let’s break these down one at a time.


This element completely removes the reliance upon access badges and cards, focusing more on the authentication of a person’s identity rather than their credentials. We believe this enhancement is a great advantage when providing real-time identity authentication throughout all security environments. When security officers are equipped with the technology and advantages of recognizing regular employees with an established behavior profile, they are able to direct more attention to potential threats and unrecognized people. 


At Eagle Systems, we strive to work proactively to eliminate threats before any action is taken. While technology systems that monitor and analyze data are important to threat detection, they are of no use if there is not an officer aware and available to act on threats. In the study, a “Digital Officer” is introduced to be solely dedicated to monitoring digital tools in a patrolled environment. Figure 5 below is an example of responsibilities belonging to a digital officer.


We view this unification as vital in advancing officers and as a means to best serve our clients. The Vice President of Global Security and Global Television Network stated, “Thought Diversity is very important–we need to tear down the walls between physical and cybersecurity.” No walls should separate security tactics and strategies of any kind. Why would we turn from applications that enhance our industry and the work we do every day?

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Our officers are prepared to lead and disrupt threats in proactive and effective methods, utilizing technical tools provided. Next month, we will discuss the keys to successful transformation using digital thought leadership, unified strategy and persistent innovation. 

To view the 2018 Accenture-Microsoft Security Survey, click here. To contact Eagle Systems Security, call 1-877-766-4610.


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