Avoid Hospital Incidents with Optimal Security Training

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Avoid Hospital Incidents with Optimal Security Training

The healthcare environment differs from many other industries. Due to its fast-paced, high stake nature, healthcare facilities require a higher level of care and attention from security officers. At Eagle Systems, our goal is to equip our officers with the right type of training that matches the challenges we may encounter.

As with any job, and especially with regard to security, one simply cannot perform their duties without training. Both the fundamental basics as well as ongoing training keep our officers updated on industry trends. However, we understand that healthcare security is no ordinary job. With that said, Eagle Systems has established baseline training requirements for Healthcare Security Officers, helping them to succeed in a hospital environment and keep all staff patients and visitors safe.

This baseline training involves instructing our officers in verbal de-escalation techniques, and basic defensive tactics. In addition, we train our officers on how to deal with diverse public settings. Since officers potentially have to handle upset patients or disgruntled family members, we want to ensure they are equipped to balance both situation control and emotion management. We always instill a “customer-first” attitude in our officers.

An officer’s behavior is only half of the formula. We believe that an officer’s presence determines the type of response and compliance gained from those encountered on the job. A well-groomed officer, who wears the uniform properly and carries themselves well, will most likely solicit the best response possible and produce desired responses from others. While we feel this is of heightened importance in a hospital setting, it is important regardless of the property.

Hospital environments hold the potential for delicate, yet dangerous situations to arise unexpectedly. Therefore, security staff needs to be prepared to handle anything that comes their way. That’s why Eagle Systems looks hire officers with prior experience or knowledge of their potential work environment. We expect our officers to meet specific standards that may be greater than the State minimum.

A hospital environment is unpredictable and it must be treated as such. Hospital security officers need to be specifically trained and properly prepared to handle any situations that may come their way. If officers are able to do their job properly, hospital staff can focus on providing the highest quality care to patients without the worry of their personal safety.

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