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‘Tis The Season… For Crime?

Ah, the holidays. With nostalgic music, twinkling lights and families gearing up for visits with the in-laws or grandparents, what could go wrong? You’re ready to sit back and take a few days off work to spend time with those you love most, and the last thing you want to worry about is an unprecedented security issue. Despite the joy and cheer, the holidays are not immune to danger and criminal activity—in fact, quite the opposite is true.   Crime increases [...]

How Private Security Adapted in 2020

COVID-19 was a large disruption to many businesses’ day-to-day efforts and routines. The virus not only impacted public health on a global scale, but it also left approximately 18.1 million citizens temporarily unemployed by April 2020, a 10.3% increase in the unemployment rate from 2019. By September, however, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the unemployment rate had declined to 7.9%, with approximately 12.6 million unemployed.  Each industry has responded differently, either amplifying security efforts or scaling back [...]

The 12 Days of Holiday Office Security

Naughty or nice, in order to keep your office safe this holiday season, your company should check this list not once, but twice! This winter, Eagle Systems Security is providing your company with the 12 best tips for holiday office security so you can spend your time off worrying more about finding the perfect gift for your loved ones and less about a potential break-in or fire at your office.  Did you know that the holidays generally see an increase [...]

Security Officer Saves Life of Disruptive Patient

Security in a healthcare setting is tricky enough, especially when it involves a patient attempting to commit self-harm, putting themselves and others at risk. Professionally-trained security officers have the unique ability to serve as a middle-ground or intermediary between a medical professional and a disturbed patient. By employing skills learned in training, a security officer can defuse potentially violent and dangerous situations, confront the patient and gain control of the crisis before the patient causes significant harm to themselves or [...]

Security is Essential to Healthcare

The relationship between healthcare workers and security officers is crucial. At Eagle Systems Security, we believe that placing security on-site at hospitals enables doctors, nurses and healthcare personnel to focus on the safety of their patients without being concerned about the safety of their workplace. Did you know that employees in healthcare are more likely to encounter injuries and dangers taking them our of work than construction and manufacturing personnel? According to OSHA, 48% of leave of absences by healthcare [...]

Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Corporate Security

You may be comfortable with the current quality of your company’s security; however, the constant developments in technology and crime demand the evolution of safer practices for you and your employees. At Eagle Systems Inc., we never want you or your company to settle for mediocre safety, so today we are providing you with the top five ways you can best revamp your office security.  1. Create and communicate a crisis plan. In business, it’s typical protocol to have a [...]

Security Crises Can Come From Anywhere. Are you Prepared?

If you have never had a first-hand encounter with danger in a corporate office setting, you are in the minority. A majority of office buildings and businesses will face security threats at one time or another. In fact, one in seven Americans doesn’t feel safe in their workplace. When a security crisis arises, you as a business owner have one critical question to answer: Are you prepared? One of the best ways you can ensure that your workplace is safe [...]

Eagle Systems Security Officer Stops Crime in the Act

We get it—you can’t predict the future. It’s impossible to know exactly when a crime will take place, how it will happen, or what risks are associated. Having an in-house security officer may seem like an extreme measure, but smart business leaders recognize third-party security as a necessary precaution. While it doesn’t eliminate crime, the presence of a security officer implements a critical middle-ground that can drastically reduce the consequences of a crime when it happens or even stops crimes [...]

Hospital Heroes: Maximize Patient Care with Private Security

A visit to the hospital is rarely a carefree experience. There is often anxiety in the air, whether it be due to a loved one’s condition, a nerve-wracking operation, or other difficult health symptoms. Regardless of the primary reason for being there, expectations of hospital patients remain the same: to receive the best care in a clean and safe facility. Unfortunately, hospitals are not always safe and face many types of security threats each day.  Even though a patient, visitor, [...]

Security Officers Bridge The Gap In Police Response Times

It’s the scene of a high-stakes crime as a suspect breaks into an office building after hours. The atmosphere is buzzing with nerves, helplessness and fear. People outside slow down and crane their necks to catch a glimpse of what’s going on, and one brave onlooker takes action, dialing 911, hoping that emergency responders will arrive in time to put an end to the perpetrator’s advances. Will these average citizens be able to subdue the criminal and prevent further damage [...]

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