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Self Defense: Prevention

The unnerving fact-of-the-matter is that danger is everywhere. However, the way you prepare and react to this danger is how the cycle of violence and attacks will end. 

According to Functional Self Defense, avoidance, awareness and prevention are three keys to combating physical attacks. Here are a few tips to keep in mind: 

Avoid dangerous places or high crime areas. Perpetrators are less likely to target people in a safe place. This is not to say violence never happens in safe areas, but being aware of your surroundings may decrease the chance of being considered as a target. Be aware and mindful of what is around you, and take mental notes of what seems odd. 

Make yourself a difficult target. Predators are more likely to choose a victim who is paying less attention. Distractions such as headphones, texting or talking on the phone is a sign of being unaware. 

If you feel threatened, find a quick way to reach a secure area and call for help. We are all in this together and want violent danger to be a crime of the past. 

Minimize your risks and learn how to best prevent danger. 

Safety Starts with Top-Notch Training

What makes Eagle Systems Security better than the rest?

Our training.

Eagle Systems Academy is licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Board as a Licensed Training School. The Academy offers training at state-mandated levels to ensure that our officers are well equipped to protect our clients and their assets. 

Eagle Systems’ integrity starts from the very beginning of training. Our officers are carefully selected and undergo training until they are able to perform their duties to our standards. 

Preparedness is taken very seriously at Eagle Systems Academy. Officers are fully trained in the latest security devices and equipment. These programs are crafted to meet the needs of our clients and are constantly modernizing to accommodate requests from organizations we protect. 

“Eagle provides top-notch training to our officers which sets them up for future success with our clients. They are prepared upon leaving training to not only do their jobs as security officers but also to protect the client’s assets and staff from future crimes.” (Sherri Springman, Human Resources Manager)

When Security Environments Differ

Eagle Systems Security offers a range of security opportunities for clients, with two of our largest responsibilities existing in healthcare and corporate domains.

Our officers’ commitment to professional security is unwavering, but duties at healthcare and corporate office sites differ from one another. These opposing environments in which our officers work uncover a highly recognizable difference between commercial and healthcare security. 

When in a commercial setting, officers are trained to focus on the security of the perimeter, protecting the building, people and assets inside. Officers in this location are disciplined to protect facilities against security concerns, especially at their most vulnerable.

While patrolling is at the core of corporate physical security, healthcare security is predominantly a hands-on job. Officers within the healthcare system work with patients and healthcare officials daily to ensure high-stress situations and violence are either deescalated or prevented entirely. Because of hospital protocols and environmental safety concerns, healthcare officers are provided with additional training to guarantee they are equipped to perform effectively in sensitive situations. 

Often, officers are interacting with families of patients and become the face of the hospital for visitors. The responsibility of representing the healthcare client and Eagle Systems unquestionably sets healthcare apart from other sectors within physical security. 

Eagle Systems’ training prepares officers for every situation to establish a safe environment for clients. Although the officers’ duties in healthcare and corporate security differ, they both have one overarching responsibility in common: protect the clients and their assets at all costs.  

Preparing for the Devastating Reality of Active Shooters

According to the Justice Department, a mass killing is defined as three or more killings in one, single episode. As most are aware, this month our country faced two horrific incidents, bringing the number of mass shootings in 2019 alone to 32. While we refuse to let this reality become a societal norm, there’s no ignoring the fact that we, as members of the public, cannot control every action and decision made by others. 

In response to these deadly occurrences, we want to share information from on how to best respond to an active shooter situation. They offer insight on how to best act before, during and after the situation, as well as what to expect from officers and the surrounding environment. Click here and take the time to inform yourself about active shooter situations. 


Employee Highlight: Dunya Carrington

Dunya CarringtonA native of Delight, Arkansas, Dunya Carrington enlisted in the Military in 2003 before joining the security industry in 2007. Dunya has been with Eagle Systems Security for 12 years and currently serves as our Director of North Texas. Tasked with managing all our offices located in the Dallas area, Dunya ensures customer’s needs are quickly met without exception. His unrelenting commitment and work ethic allows him to manage a high-performing team fixed on security excellence. We know that people make a difference, which is why we are glad to have Dunya as a member of Eagle Systems Security!

Welcoming the Evolution of Security Technology

The past two months, we’ve discussed the integration of technology into physical security and the future projected for our industry. We’ve acknowledged the long-overdue digital transformation as well as incorporating innovative risk management through digital innovation. Now, we want to introduce the keys vital to successfully completing this digital change. 

According to a 2018 study conducted by Accenture and Microsoft, there are three elements needed during this process: digital thought leadership, unified strategy and persistent innovation. 


An effective shift begins with company leaders and filters down, impacting all officers and employees. Implementing new strategies while maintaining company values requires the following components:

  • Customers remain at the forefront of your business.
  • Adopt an innovative mindset to stay ahead of threats.
  • Create partnerships enabling cross-sharing of industry insights.
  • Develop a diverse workforce fit for the 21st Century.
  • Establish a team of digital pioneers to form a functional operating model.


In the study, it’s made clear that prior to reviewing and applying technologies, a strategy surrounding that transformation is required. This strategy is responsible for creating a unified understanding across the board. To help achieve this goal, Microsoft and Accenture created a human-centric approach to the digital transition completed in only five steps:

  1. Vision
  2. Personas & Scenarios
  3. Enabling Capabilities
  4. Initiatives & Roadmap
  5. Execution

With proper execution of tactics and strategy, organizations will open the doors to a successful transition, revealing benefits and value for all team members and employees. 


Did you know that 89 percent of physical security leaders that participated in the survey agree that physical security efforts need to be proactive rather than reactive? According to Michael Gips, Chief Global Knowledge and Learning Officer at ASIS, “We’re just scratching the surface. The holy grail is being able to predict incidents before they occur and prevent them.”

With the application of digital capabilities, the security industry continues changing for the better, increasing safety of those around us. At Eagle Systems Security, safety is always a top priority. We view these insights as priceless, as we know it greatly contributes to strengthening our team and officers. 

To view the 2018 Accenture-Microsoft Security Survey, click here. To contact Eagle Systems Security, call 1-877-766-4610.

Firearm Basics: What the Public Needs to Know

Society today has mixed feelings surrounding firearms–especially open carry. As security officers, we enter each day with the intention of NOT requiring the use of firearms, but unfortunately, if the situation permits, it can be necessary. Security Solutions published an article providing information about firearm regulations, safety, general rules, mechanical operations and more. 

It’s important this information is passed along to not only those in the security industry, but the public so everyone may be well informed on firearm functions, actions, procedures, operational use and justification. Eagle Systems officers always have the safety of the public on their mind, and dedicate themselves every day ensuring the public around them remains safe and secure. 


Boost Risk Management Tactics with Digital Innovation

Last month we sparked a discussion surrounding the future of physical security based on a 2018 study conducted by Accenture and Microsoft. We are eager to dive into our next topic resulting from the survey: Innovative Risk Management. In every industry, businesses strive to uncover new ways to mitigate risk in their sector –– that process begins with innovative ideas. 

Within the digital transformation process for the security industry comes three distinct ways to impact risk: 1. Newly discovered elements of dynamic identity management, 2. Robust threat detection and investigation and 3. The unification of physical and cybersecurity. Let’s break these down one at a time.


This element completely removes the reliance upon access badges and cards, focusing more on the authentication of a person’s identity rather than their credentials. We believe this enhancement is a great advantage when providing real-time identity authentication throughout all security environments. When security officers are equipped with the technology and advantages of recognizing regular employees with an established behavior profile, they are able to direct more attention to potential threats and unrecognized people. 


At Eagle Systems, we strive to work proactively to eliminate threats before any action is taken. While technology systems that monitor and analyze data are important to threat detection, they are of no use if there is not an officer aware and available to act on threats. In the study, a “Digital Officer” is introduced to be solely dedicated to monitoring digital tools in a patrolled environment. Figure 5 below is an example of responsibilities belonging to a digital officer.


We view this unification as vital in advancing officers and as a means to best serve our clients. The Vice President of Global Security and Global Television Network stated, “Thought Diversity is very important–we need to tear down the walls between physical and cybersecurity.” No walls should separate security tactics and strategies of any kind. Why would we turn from applications that enhance our industry and the work we do every day?

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Our officers are prepared to lead and disrupt threats in proactive and effective methods, utilizing technical tools provided. Next month, we will discuss the keys to successful transformation using digital thought leadership, unified strategy and persistent innovation. 

To view the 2018 Accenture-Microsoft Security Survey, click here. To contact Eagle Systems Security, call 1-877-766-4610.


The Security Industry’s Unchanging Role

In a recent article published by Silvertrac, Contributor Jonathan Alvarez stated:

“The standard of security, especially here in Vegas, has a negative connotation because you think of Paul Blart. When in reality, most security companies are run by ex-military or ex-law enforcement. My whole mission is to change this connotation. We need to grow this industry and raise our standards.”

At Eagle Systems, we pride ourselves on offering top-notch security from officers highly trained––many coming from backgrounds of military and law enforcement. Silvertrac’s article, Increasing Crime Rates & How the Security Industry Can Help, discusses the responsibility that security industry professionals hold when it comes to educating the public on safety protocol and utilizing industry resources to protect your community––a duty we will forever perform.

Employee Highlight: Mike Britton

This month we are continuing to highlight our valued staff here at Eagle Systems Security. Mike Britton, our North Texas Director of Healthcare Security, has been a member of our team since 2014 and continues to add value in his position as a security expert and leader.

Following his high school graduation, Mike joined the United States Marine Corp where he served for 20 years. After his service, Mike worked for various defense contractors in Washington DC before joining MCI in 1995, moving locations to Colorado Springs, Colorado. In 2001, he was transferred to the DFW metroplex where he continued his work as an Information Technology Senior Manager before leaving the technology field in 2009.

When that phase of his career completed, Mike embraced a variety of jobs, primarily serving his church and traveling to Africa on various mission trips. While this time was valuable to him, Mike found himself pulled back to his security roots, beginning a position with Medical City of McKinney as Security Manager. This role led him to Eagle Systems in 2014, where he now oversees all security healthcare operations in DFW.

In addition to maintaining client relationships, Mike consistently searches for opportunities to expand Eagle System’s presence in DFW by constructing contract proposals and subsequent service contracts. Further, Mike holds the extremely valuable role of our corporate trainer for North Texas. This entails he instructs and certifies Level II and III armed security officers, TASER, nonverbal de-escalation techniques, OC certification and ALICE Active Shooter trainings.

Mike’s commitment to completing quality work and maintaining mutual relationships greatly benefits all of us at Eagle Systems. When asked what he admires most about working for Eagle Systems, he mentions our family owned and operated company functions under a high-level of integrity, with a constant desire to hire quality officers and maintain notable customer service.

We are proud to have you on our team, Mike!

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