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Do You Need a Security Officer? Use This Checklist.

At Eagle Systems Security, we understand that it’s critical for small businesses to distinguish between essential and nonessential costs. We have a checklist of 10 reasons that outsourced security may be an essential cost for your business, no matter how large or small your operation is. Though outsourced security professionals may seem like a luxury reserved for large, corporate offices and healthcare facilities, small businesses are not exempt from security risks. If you’re wondering whether you need private security officers [...]

Worried About Riots or Looting? Here’s Some Peace of Mind.

In recent months, our nation has experienced waves of protests, demonstrations and riots to express the civil unrest surrounding the deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. While protesters are exercising their First Amendment right to peaceful protest and speech, rioters have, in some cases, caused damage to buildings and businesses. Peaceful protests are typically well organized; however, riots are nearly impossible to predict and can be destructive to passersby, storefronts and businesses in close proximity. If your business is [...]

Security Officers Do More Than You Think for Your Healthcare Facility

Healthcare facilities offer an environment where people are often found at their most vulnerable state, whether it be through physical illness, injury or even emotional distress. As discussed in a previous blog post, Today’s Biggest Security Concerns in Healthcare Facilities, among the top security concerns in healthcare today are theft, infant abductions and destructive patients or visitors. These breaches in healthcare security are complex and, as a result, often require a unique skill set from outsourced security. Here are four [...]

Captain Sinclair Receives 2019 Jimmie Chansler Award

On Wednesday, June 3, 2020, Eagle Systems Security presented Captain Sinclair with the 2019 Jimmie Chansler Award. Each year, we honor one employee with this award who embodies what Mr. Jimmie Chansler represents for Eagle Systems Security. We have presented an employee each year since 2014 who has the characteristics that made Jimmie so special. This year’s recipient, Captain Sinclair, has been a valuable part of our team for over 5 years. He always goes above and beyond to take [...]

Why Your Business May Need Outsourced Security Measures

Commercial buildings routinely offer standardized security services, but are these safety measures enough? According to BOMI International, an independent institute for property and facilities management education, there is a limited amount of security provided at commercial facilities, and managers must outsource any additional security measures. The maximum security services often provided by the facilities management include visitor processing, monitored parking, alarms and logs. Visitor Processing Generally, facilities will have a concierge service or perimeter monitor to receive guests and customers [...]

Today’s Biggest Security Concerns in Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities are responsible to maintain a safe environment at all times; however, they’re vulnerable to crime and security threats from patients, guests, intruders and even their own staff at times. Security threats can come from anywhere, hospitals and healthcare facilities must be dedicated and vigilant. Though the COVID-19 pandemic has brought  new and unprecedented security obstacles and occupied the attention of hospital staff and security personnel, there are many safety concerns unrelated to the global pandemic that healthcare facilities [...]

Security Presence Provides More Than Just Peace of Mind

The last thing most people want to think about while trying to do their job effectively is a  security breach. Higher on the list of concerns may be the annual budget meeting at two o’clock, answering emails or even what to have for lunch. As a CEO or facilities manager, it’s important to maintain a safe working environment where people feel confident to perform their jobs without unease, worry or threat of danger.  Studies by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) [...]

Minimize Security Breaches in Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals have many restricted areas such as operating rooms, intensive care units and places with critical equipment. It is now more important than ever that these areas are secure, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is critical for at-risk patients and patients receiving treatment in restricted areas to be safe from the threat of the virus. However, healthcare workers do not have time to make sure these specialized areas are secure, on top of their essential duties.    On [...]

Can you guess the most important factor in security?

High-speed communication between security officers is necessary to mitigate potential issues and enact proper protocol in a timely manner. At Eagle Systems, we know that officers have a big impact on the safety of an environment. We prioritize communication training and top-of-the-line equipment for our officers, because of the impact communication has on our clients’ safety.  Security officers encounter a large number of people everyday, especially in corporate and healthcare settings. Our officers receive visitors and are highly trained in [...]

Three ways onsite security officers boost trust and productivity 

Employees and visitors are more at ease and more productive when they know they are safe. At Eagle Systems, we know that having onsite security officers is one way that a business can establish a culture of trust and professionalism for everyone that walks through their doors. Here are the top three ways that onsite officers establish a safe environment: 1. Implement a Route  Security officers create a patrolling route to maximize security coverage and ensure a consistent patrol. Some [...]

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