Armed Guards: Display of Safety or Source of Fear?

Armed Guards: Display of Safety or Source of Fear?

It’s no question that security guards offer an immense amount of benefits for your organization, but does the display of safety change based on a guard being visibly armed? Security guards, like our trained professionals at Eagle Systems Security, act as a barrier between people and danger. 

Armed guards have the ability to discourage any dangerous activity, showing criminals the severity of safety. The possibility of a guard carrying often defers criminals from acting with malintent. The benefits of an expert armed guard outweigh those of an unarmed guard by means of effective protection. 

IGS Security says that the guards’ main job is to protect all of those around them. On top of their main goal of securing a safe environment for their clients, our guards are also responsible for protecting valuable assets, lives and organizations.

A properly trained armed guard can protect bystanders in violence-prone locations. Businesses or hospitals that operate into late-night hours can feel more at ease with a carrying guard. Guards offer tension-diffusion and act as a safeguard to violent activity. These sensitive areas are often susceptible to violent outbreaks. In these instances, an armed guard would be more effective in promoting safety than an unarmed guard. 

Armed guards can often look more intimidating than non-armed guards and are able to handle any suspicious activity before it escalates. The goal of an armed guard boils down to deterrence. The point is to provide obvious visual clues that armed guards are on site and ready to protect. In certain public settings, an unarmed guard can give more peace of mind to bystanders and serve as brand ambassadors and customer service representatives to a client. A properly trained unarmed guard resolves conflicts of all types without direct armed contact. 

With Eagle Systems, whether armed or unarmed, our guards are fully prepared to protect and serve our clients in any circumstances.

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