6 Simple Steps to Reduce Crime

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6 Simple Steps to Reduce Crime

Retail storefronts are not the only businesses requiring crime prevention. Office buildings and high rises hold just as much potential for robbery. Here are a few, easy steps you can take to reduce misconduct.

  1. Have at least two employees present to open and close the building.
  2. Keep purses and personal valuables locked in desks or lockers. (Crime can also occur from people within the company)
  3. Stay alert! Watch for visitors hanging around your office and be aware of suspicious activity in any proximity to your business.
  4. Keep your business well-lit, inside and outside.
  5. If you see something suspicious, call the police. NEVER try to handle it yourself.
  6. Contact Eagle Systems for professional security services.

While these steps are vital to security, when you choose to place professionally trained officers on the premises, your chances of safety and security increase. Criminals are deterred at the sight of security officers, therefore reducing the crime rate in and around your office building. Contact us today at 877-766-4610 to engage in our corporate security services.

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