3 Signs You May be At Risk for Unauthorized Access

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3 Signs You May be At Risk for Unauthorized Access

Is your business safe from access by would-be thieves and criminals? Do you have a warehouse chock-full of expensive equipment that makes a tempting target? You may have a security alarm system, but that doesn’t mean you’re always safe. To prevent unauthorized access and intrusion, it’s best to combine human oversight with technological assistance. It helps to root out red flags like these much faster.Single-Locking DoorsSolid doors with good locks are by far your best defense against straight-up break-ins, but many people focus on just a single doorknob-style lock. This isn’t usually enough for businesses, and depending on your insurance provider, may even invalidate your business insurance in addition to leaving you unprotected.Key locks are also an issue. All someone needs to get in is the key. An unauthorized employee or guest could potentially see the key and access what’s behind the door without you even realizing the intrusion happened.Instead, think about the bigger picture. Have at least a deadbolt and a doorknob on your doors for basic needs. If multiple people need access, use biometric scanners or keycard/pin code access options to track entry and exits.

Unsecured Windows

Big, bright windows are attractive to criminals; all they need is a solid rock or brick to smash their way into your business. Putting bars up in all of your windows is an option, but it is also admittedly unattractive and off-putting to many consumers because it gives them the impression that the area isn’t safe to be in.There are a few other potential options you can try. Ballistic glass in windows is expensive, but it’s much more difficult to break without giving any unintended bad impressions along the way. If budget is a concern, anti-breakage glass film may help to minimize loss, although it isn’t even close to being as protective.

Finally, good window locks may help – but only if they’re used with other measures. A lock does little to stop a criminal if the window can just be smashed.

No CCTV Monitoring on Entryways

Cameras can be very helpful for reducing intrusions and unauthorized access, both in the sense of crime and even when it comes to nosy employees. Even simply making it known that the cameras are in place may be a warning to stay away, but if someone persists, you’ll have their face on camera so you can deal with it afterward.

Place cameras in such a way that the angle gives a clear view of the inside and outside of each entryway, including windows. If you have the budget for it, place a single camera facing downward from above and another at head height facing toward the door. The higher the quality, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to verify who exactly is doing the intrusion, should it happen.

Above all else, human oversight and monitoring is still the best way to reduce unauthorized access and intrusion by criminals. Foot patrols make it much harder to get away with smashing windows or snooping through files, protecting you, your customers, and everyone who works for you, too. If you need help, call Eagle Systems, Inc. today.

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